Thursday, 24 November 2016

Budapest's Random Splendor 1

Everywhere I walk in Budapest, ornate grandeur looms over me. Even the backstreets often surpass the most beautiful boulevards of Paris or Vienna. 'Random Splendor' is an ongoing photographic series capturing the architectural awesomeness I see as I wander around the city. All of the the below I spotted as I walked from my flat to the nearby Aldi, to do a food shop! Most of them just house private businesses or apartments.

Goblin head and basilisks on door arch on Báthori Utca.

Pyramidal spires on corner of Honvéd u. and Honvéd ter.

Architectural sculpture and clock on corner of Honvéd and Báthori utca.

Statues on door portico top on Kálmán Imre u.

Boar and wolf head ornamentation on Szemere u.

Window on Szemere u.

Corner of Báthori utca and Aulich u.

Window on Honvéd u.

Antique shop sign, corner of Falk Miksa and Honvéd tér.

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